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New website of MessagePack Project

New website of MessagePack Project is opened! URL is: Now it describes about our RPC – MessagePack-RPC. It is the next-generation RPC system that supports ALL of following features: Asynchronous RPC Parallel Pipelining Thrift IDL Dynamic Typing Connection Pooling … Continue reading

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Architecture of MessagePack

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Streaming Serialization/Deserialization with MessagePack

Streaming feature of MessagePack Streaming serialization/deserialization is one of the key features of MessagePack. It enables you to store and load multiple objects to/from a stream (like files or network connections). It is easy to use and fast. I’ll introduce … Continue reading

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MessagePack-RPC for C++

What’s MessagePack-RPC? MessagePack-RPC is a inter-process messaging system that is similar to Facebook’s thrift, Apache avro or Google’s Protocol Buffers. It uses MessagePack format for object serialization and passes serialized object across network connection. MessagePack is cross-language serialization format and … Continue reading

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